At Rafter A Services it is our goal to consistently inspect and promote incident-free work places by using the best technicians and tools available. We understand that keeping your safety equipment in operable condition is of utmost importance to you and your employees. Our technicians bring the knowledge and skills to the field where your equipment can be inspected and repaired on site.

Rafter A Services, uses Inspect THIS!, a facility and asset management solution with a mobile inspection app add-on. We keep track of all your facilities and assets; where they are and what condition they are in, in real time. Call us today to learn more about Rafter A Services’ equipment services.

Equipment Services include:

H2S monitor calibration

H2S monitor repairs

H2S monitor bump tests

Worksite Inspection & Audit

Fall Protection Equipment inspections

SCBA Inspection

SCBA Refills & Repairs

Fire Extinguisher Inspections & Examinations

Fire Extinguisher Service & Repairs

Fire Extinguisher Installations

Atmospheric sampling

Noise Sampling

Confined space ventilation